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Mission & Vision


AAPI Charitable foundation is non-profitable organization committed to the precise that all human being have the right to  good health & education. The philosophy of AAPI is to serve with love & affection as we believe “hands which  Serve are better than the lips that pray”.


Almighty has provided a chance to selfless service for the upliftment of downtrodden society for the reason we are trying to serve in the field of health and education. Our motto is:

"To Serve Ailing Humanity is worship of God"

So, by our positive attitude, devotion and dedication we are determined to create a healthy society in our developing country.



To all of you,

Even for a moment, we never forget, while living abroad how the hard earn money and your precious time is being denoted/devoted to a CHARITY in the small town of Kartarpur, Punjab India.


We want to take opportunity to apprise that every possible steps are being taken so as to provide effective, services to the needy patients. The word needy covers very poor, poor, lower middle class & even middle class family, as medical treatment being very expensive is sometimes not affordable even by above middle class.